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Crude Oil & Natural Gas Tax Consulting Services

Working with Texas oil and gas operators since 1987 to maximize their profitability by implementing all available tax reduction programs available for their crude oil and natural gas severance taxes, plus identifying and implementing exemptions available from sales and use taxes for items and services purchased in the oilfield.  All of these services performed by a team with unmatched experience and a focus on providing the best possible service available in the industry.

Our Services

We provide a variety of services related to severance tax and sales & use tax in the State of Texas. 

Our Services

Severance Tax

We have extensive experience with the Texas tax reduction programs available to minimize crude oil and natural gas severance taxes.

Sales Tax

We help operators obtain sales and use tax refunds for expenses spent on various items and services that qualify for exemption from Texas sales and use taxes. 


Let our team remove the burden of monthly severance tax compliance from your overscheduled accounting department, thereby focusing their efforts on more profitable and beneficial activities for the company.

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